G / L accounts (Freely definable G / L accounts with allocations for expulsion to profit/lost and balance sheet)

Journal entries (directly from documents such as purchasing and sales or direct postings in financial accounting)

Report of the journal entries (all bookings of course via reports presentable).

Evaluations such as profit/lost and balance already in the standard available.

QuickKlicks (Quickly reach important features of the app with just a finger click)

Basic settings (Extensive settings to customize the app to your needs)

Contact details (manage your contacts, prospects, suppliers and customers in one place only)

Product data (materials, parts lists, services and working hours can be found here)

item information in the shopping cart

Customizable item details in the shopping cart

Options when creating a budget billing

Further document options

Final invoice with information on previously created budget bills

The document storage

The dashboard with key figures, diagrams and tasks in a direct overview

Freely configurable reports (here the open invoice list)

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