The Painter App

With HWA.pictor - The Painter App you can create and manage measurements at the position level.

In addition to formula processing, you can also enter a percentage consumption and comments.

Thus, you have decent numbers for costing and a comprehensive description on offers and other evidence for your prospects and customers.


The Electrician App

With HWA.power - The Electrician App you can deposit any number of technical characteristics per article.

These may differ per article.

Thus, you define and manage completely different items such as a cable or a light bulb and find these articles through the search in the associated items.


The Drywaller App

You have the possibility with HWA.aedis - The Drywaller App to create your own measures and diagrams.

You do not need any development skills for this.

Just select the type (total, number, average, etc.), the area (receipt, line items, etc.), as well as the period and you see in real time where your business is commercial.


The Caretaker App

With the integrated Script Framework you can freely design your documents and evaluations.

Background graphics as stationery, text design (introduction, etc.) Product information and images, Aufmasse, company logo and information on invoice items are available.

In addition, you have the option of using conditions, as well as variables and self-defined variables for calculations, to dynamically adjust your documents.


The Carpenter App

With HWA.lignum - The carpenter app you manage your products (articles, services and parts lists) and define purchasing and sales conditions, also with price and discount lists as well as minimum and multiple quantities in the purchasing and sales documents

You can then assign these to individual contacts and thus manage special prices for special suppliers / customers.


The Roofer App

With HWA.tectum - The Roofing app you manage in your article dimensions such as height, width, length, thickness, volume and weight in self-defined standard units.

With a percentage consumption surcharge, which is also used in bills of material, you have your imputed costs under control at all times.

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