Everything in one hand

Managing contacts, maintaining products, writing quotes, orders and invoices, calculating prices, managing payments, creating reminders, evaluating key figures and diagrams, recording measurements, carrying out budget bills, keeping notes and tasks in mind, and much more. Everything in one hand, offline and online for iPhone and iPad. Your complete craftsman app!

Manage contacts

The craftsman app manages all their contacts with all important data. Create your contacts directly (eg at a trade fair or directly at a customer visit) or simply import your contacts via CSV file from your web server.

Maintain products

Your products and services are the figurehead of your company. The craftsman app gives you several optimized product views. The craftsman app offers the care of different product types: title, text, article, working time, areas and volumes as well as KITs (BOM or achievements).

Calculate prices

With the integrated price calculation, freely definable cost types (subscription or action costs) and your profit surcharge you will always find the right selling price. Cost groups such as wages, materials, equipment, etc. help with the evaluation of your receipts. Of course with contribution margin warning.

Structure documents

Create document structure (offers, orders, etc.) by title, lot or trade; this nestable at any depth. Likewise, the craftsman app supports you by creating sample projects in the rapid re-entry of documents.

Create documents

Create complete PDF documents and send them to your contacts. The content of the PDF documents can be freely designed by you. With everything that goes with it: texts, database fields, images, conditions, formulas, graphical components, etc.

Control prices

Assign the corresponding tax, price and discount groups to your contacts to always get the right prices and tax rates on your vouchers. The designation of different tax rates (eg 19% / 7%) is supported.

Control dashboard

All created documents can be evaluated by key figures or charts on your dashboard. Without "development know-how", you can generate the key figures and reports you require with just a few clicks.

Manage payments

Of course, you can enter payments in any denominations (eg down payment) for created invoices. And if it does not work that way, creating reminders with dunning fees and overview fines is no problem.

Import / export data

Data can be imported easily and quickly via CSV files. You can simply export contacts and products created in the app as a CSV file and send these records to the back office for further processing.

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